A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

This game was created for the LDJAM from August 21-24th.

Your job is to follow a recipe, talk to prisoners and find the creature that you need to sacrifice to complete the recipe. You don't like your job, but you do it anyway. Be aware of your state of mind when you work so you don't break down, because you don't know what'll happen if you do...

Created by Kevin Andersson - @anderssonkev

Updated 20/9-15

Install instructions

It's exported from Unity so it should be as easy to just click on the application.

(Best played in 1280x720 or more).


DisturbedMind_Win.zip 9 MB
DisturbedMind_Mac.zip 11 MB
DisturbedMind_Linux.zip 12 MB