A downloadable game for Windows

Explore a unique puzzle experience in your own pace. TaniNani is a puzzle game where you move parts of the level around to help the characters find the crystal and each other.

Demo includes 24 levels


  • 120 handcrafted levels across 10 worlds.
  • Optional challenges for extra difficulty.
  • Unlockable outfits.
  • A catchy cute little soundtrack.
  • 21 Achievements.

TaniNani is also available on Steam, App Store & Nintendo Switch E-Shop.


TaniNani_Demo_Win.zip 66 MB

Also available on


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Great idea for a puzzle game! And how the hell did you get it to the switch :P defenitly going to check your game out there.


First off all, thanks I hope you have fun :D

I've released games before as a programmer on Switch so I had the knowledge and then I also had a track record of commercial games across all current gen consoles. That probably helped... but I asked and I got accepted :)